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Is Artist Tape the Same as Masking Tape?

Artist Tape and Masking Tape

Artist tape is expensive, which is why many people choose to use masking tape instead. There are pros and cons to each type of drafting tape, so it will depend on what you’re working with.
Both tapes can come in a variety of sizes. And while price is the main difference between the two, there are other things you should consider. Some of them can include but may not be limited to:

  • The presence of residue after use.
  • Its ability to handle the application of paint or some other material.
  • Whether it’s good for working on the type drawing material you plan on using.
You need to understand the differences between the two, so you can decide which one to use.

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The Differences Between Masking Tape and Artist Tape

Artist Tape and Masking Tape Masking tape is cheaper, so it could be a great alternative to artist tape. And you can find it in a variety of stores. However, masking tape can leave a sticky residue. So, it will have to be used and removed quickly. Artist tape is specifically designed for painting and other related applications, so it won’t pucker or buckle if you paint over it. And like masking tape, you can find it in many stores. It can also be left on for several days, and it will still come off cleanly. However, it’s more expensive than any other type of drafting tape.

Many types of artist and masking tape are made with a crepe paper backing, which makes it easier to tear by hand. It also allows you to write on them for labeling purposes. Some types of artist tape are made with stronger backing, which keeps it from splintering. It also makes it easier to remove in a single strip. The adhesive used on masking tape is meant to keep an adequate hold, but it won’t always come off cleanly if it has been on the surface for a long period of time. While it may not be a big deal to some people, having to clean up a sticky residue after the work has been completed could be a setback that someone may not be able to afford. All types of artist tape are masking tapes, but not all masking tapes are meant for those applications. Artist tape is meant for this type of work, so it has properties that keep paint from bleeding into areas that have been masked off. A general-purpose masking tape can pucker or wrinkle when it comes in contact with latex paint, which can cause it to seep through. But certain types of artist tape are treated with an absorbent polymer, which acts as a barrier to keep paint out. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you prefer. Do you want to use a cheaper alternative, or do you want to spend the extra cash for a product that’s designed for those specific applications?

Artist Tape and Masking Tape

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