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Best bookcases

Best bookcases

How To Find the Best Bookcase for Your Home or Office

A wall of bookshelves can be used to create a studious, cozy atmosphere in any space. Bookcases are also some of the most practical storage options you can buy. Whether you need storage space for your growing personal library at home or the best bookcase to display the volumes you use at work, there are several factors to keep in mind while you shop around.


Standard Bookshelves for Home or Office

Bookcases help you organize binders, books, manuals and other materials. Putting the items you use most often on shelves rather than storing them in a closet or another location makes access easy and can save you a lot of time. An office lined with bookcases is a classic look that inspires confidence.

One of the most common types of bookcases is the standard 5-shelf standalone model. Black is a popular color as it matches almost any decor. You can purchase as many pieces as you need to create the look you want as long as they fit the space.

Bookcase Options for Small Spaces

What do you do if you have more books than space to store them? Before you put them in a box on the curb or donate them to your local library, explore other storage options to see if you can make room for them in your home or office.

Your main workspace is probably in the middle of your desk, leaving the corners free and generally unused. Why not put a small, 2-shelf quarter round bookcase there? Another option is a rectangular 2-shelf piece that fits under your desk or in a closet. Both of these units are ideal for small rooms that need extra storage.

Specialty Storage Ideas

The best workspace is one that is designed with your specific preferences in mind. Not everything you need for work is likely to fit inside your desk drawers. If you need a little extra storage but want to leave the walls free to display art or a clock, a wide, short case with cabinets is a great option. Alternatively, a 3-shelf book cart gives you storage with versatile mobility. When you opt for creative solutions, you get exactly the setup you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Bookshelves and Bookcases?

While many people use the terms bookcases and bookshelves interchangeably, there is technically a difference between the two. Bookcases actually encase the items they store with a solid back. Because this makes them more structurally sound, they are often free-standing and can be easily moved around as needed. Bookshelves, on the other hand, are typically open on both sides and thus may need to be anchored to a wall before books or any other items are placed on them.

What Is the Main Factor To Consider When Buying Bookshelves?


The primary consideration when choosing the best shelving unit is how much space you have. Just because you have enough books to fill a five-shelf bookcase, that doesn't mean you have the room to house such a large piece of furniture in one spot. It may be better to get several smaller units to place throughout your office or home and distribute your collection among them.

What Materials Make Bookcases Sturdy?

Bookcases have to be pretty strong to meet the demands of standard use. The minimum requirement for a bookshelf should be about 20 pounds per foot, but libraries and bookstores typically have shelves that can hold 35 pounds per foot or more. Metal and solid wood shelving are strong but also expensive. Many top rated bookcases are made of medium-density fiberboard which gives you the same durability at a more economical price.

What Is the Standard Depth and Height for a Bookshelf?

If you are using your shelves to primarily store books, each shelf needs to be 10-12 inches deep. This depth accommodates most hardcovers. Adjustable shelves give you the freedom to make room for taller books, but if the unit you want doesn't have this option, try to make sure the individual shelves are spaced at least 8-12 inches apart vertically. If you are storing reference books or art volumes, you should measure their height before you make your purchase.

What Other Uses Do Bookcases Have?

Bookcases offer storage that extends beyond your personal library. Open shelves can be used to show anything you want to put on display, such as pictures of your family or friends, plants, decorations and office supplies. Many professionals place their awards on shelves so that they can be viewed without being in danger of getting knocked over or broken. The possibilities for storage are endless when you choose high-quality bookcases for your home or office.
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