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Best Grade Rods

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Determining differences in elevation can be a tricky aspect of working in construction. Thankfully, there are tools out there to make even the most challenging of tasks a breeze. When you’re struggling with surveying a piece of land or determining the evenness of a particular surface, then you might find it useful to take a look at how grade rods can improve your experience. Finding the right equipment for your next job can reduce the time and effort involved in bringing it to completion.

Take a look at this list of the best rods for measuring and surveying. When you gain some perspective on the matter, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit for whatever your next job brings.

LaserLine GR1000T

best-rod-grade-GR1000T When it comes time to find a tool you can rely on, it is always a good bet to go with a name that is trusted in your industry. The LaserLine GR1000T is considered one of the most popular grading tools in the United States. This is largely due to LaserLine’s commitment to quality. The GR1000T is as lightweight as it is durable, with direct applications in a variety of situations. For a fast and efficient process, you absolutely want to consider this grading supply.

Seco SVR

best-rod-grade-98010 Versatility is a key component when it comes to selecting the right measuring rod. The advantages of an option like the Seco SVR are numerous, with a locking mechanism that puts many other inferior models to shame. The unique design of the grading device makes taking a reading one of the easiest experiences imaginable. The design is also meant to be easy on the body, allowing you to relax your grip while taking measurements on a piece of property.

LaserLine GR10T

best-rod-grade-GR10T There are several different factors you should consider when it comes to selecting a measuring rod. Durability is one, as you want to make sure that the item can withstand any of the strict demands placed on it while in use. What’s more, a lightweight design is vital when you’ll be using the device for long stretches of time. Finally, you want to make sure it is versatile enough for all applications. The LaserLine GR10T is a perfect example of a rod that blends all these together seamlessly.

CST MeasureMark Rod

best-rod-grade-06-925 Ruggedness can be important when it comes to a tool. If you want a survey rod that is built to resist a variety of environmental factors, the CST Measruemark Fiberglass Rod is a perfect fit. The coating of the rod is designed to resist abrasions, making it durable and protected from the threat of nicks and dings. This is a reliable tool that can be used to take measurements in a quick and easy fashion.

CST Aluminum Grade Rod

best-rod-grade-06-816 If you’re searching for a rod with an oval shape and a coating that makes it resistant to both corrosion and water damage, the CST Aluminum Grade Rod could be perfect for you. The polycarbonate buttons crafted into the rod make it easy to lock whatever section you are taking your reading on. Since stability is very important when selecting a rod for measuring purposes, this is an option that can definitely exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy New Grade Rods?

Best Grade Rods

If you’re ready to invest in new grade rods, there are a few different options to consider. Take a look at the inventory available at Engineer Supply and get an idea for what’s out there. The more you consider your options, the easier it will be to feel satisfied by the results. 

What Is a Grade Rod?

Essentially, a rod used for grading is a tool used to determine elevation. On average, rods of this nature are made of wood. Still, there are other materials that the rod can be comprised of, depending on the preference of the user.

How Often Should I Replace a Grade Rod?

If you’re careful, you will not need to replace a rod of this nature often. In fact, the only real reason to consider replacing the tool you invest in is if it starts to deliver inaccurate results or it is lost or severely damaged in an accident.

What Is a Level Rod?

Though it might sound like a different supply, a rod used for leveling is the same as a rod for grading. These are typically made out of either aluminum or wood and are used by surveyors and those in the construction industry.

What Tools Are Most Common for Surveyors?

Best Grade Rods

A wealth of tools and supplies are involved in the process of surveying land. From surveyor’s wheels to grading rods, the tools for the job are largely dependent on what the task at hand entails.

Purchasing new grade rods is not a decision you should rush. In order to feel fully satisfied by the final results, you need to take time to look over all of the top options available to you. Review the inventory selection at Engineer Supply and see which fit is best for your needs.
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