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What are the drawing tools every architect needs?

You might think traditional drafting equipment isn’t as useful as it was decades ago, with the new technologies that have brought many aspects of architecture into the digital age. Every year, new software emerges with the promise of making the drafting process easier and faster. But with every technological improvement comes the expense of purchasing new software and maintaining or updating a high-powered computer. Drafting by hand with architecture supplies is the common-sense, economical solutions for many architects and drafters both young and old. 

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Drafting by hand continues the rich tradition of architects past and present, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the most cutting-edge, modern equipment on the market. Let’s take a look at the drafting supplies you’ll need to start turning your architectural vision into a reality:

  1. Triangular Scale - This is ideal for determining the proper scale for your drawings and make drafts in different sizes. Ideal for geometric drafts, an aluminum scale is the best option. Its durable construction means it’s going to last longer, and if you take care of it, it may even last a lifetime.
  2. Drafting Template - When you're first learning to draft, you may find it hard to draw a perfect circle, but don’t worry! With a drafting template, you can find easy shapes and symbols that can be very useful when you're completing your projects. A quality drafting template can be made of plastic or aluminum.
  3. Drafting Lamp - If you have vision problems or if you don't want to develop them (and who does?), the best situation is to use a drafting lamp. You might be thinking, “What's the difference between a standard lamp and a drafting lamp? A drafting lamp has the flexibility to move and adapt to get the best illumination to your desk without moving the precious antique lamp your grandmother made all over the place!
  4. Pen Set - There's no drafting without a pen! A good pen set is necessary if you want better-looking and more professional drafts to present to clients. A set of writing implements with different colors and thicknesses can help you achieve the perfect look for your projects every time. 
  5. Drafting Paper - Drafting paper is a high-quality paper designed specifically for drafting purposes; it helps your pens write smoothly, has the perfect transparency for layered drawings, and it’s the ideal weight to carry and fold. You can easily cut it into smaller sizes, and it’s an easy way to keep all your documents organized in one place. 

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