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Gatorback Contractor Pro

The Gatorback Contractor Pro tool belt will keep you organized and comfortable while you’re carrying a large number of tools on the job. When you purchase a product from Gatorback, you’ll be able to keep your supplies safe, secure, and within reach throughout your workday. Feel free to look at we have in stock, so you can find a Gatorback tool belt that’s right for you.

Gatorback Contractor Pro Features

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Superior comfort

Rugged design

Ultimate in durability

Variety of options

Keeps you organized

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Contractors are the forgotten heroes in our society because without them, there would be no roads, homes, or electricity. But many contractors have to deal with misplaced tools, ripped belts, and chronic pain. You shouldn’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all tool belt, which is why you should consider getting a Gatorback Contractor Pro. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also built to last. Gatorback tool belts have customized functionality, so you can find a product that meets your specific needs. Every single one of our belts has been built for optimal weight distribution, which makes them the most comfortable on the market. Be sure to look at what we have in stock. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a Gatorback tool belt that’s right for you!


Gatorback tool belts are among the most widely used in the industry, because they’re designed to meet the needs of contractors. With an ergonomic design and a rugged construction, the Gatorback Contractor Pro is built to give you years of use. And with pockets that have been reinforced with plastic, they’re resistant to punctures and tears (which are a common issue with many tool belts). This type of design gives you extra room in each pocket, so you can carry more tools while you’re on the field. Find out why so many people praise Gatorback tool belts by looking at what we have at Engineering Supply.

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The Gatorback Contractor Pro combines the ultimate in comfort with a rugged design, so you can get through the workday with minimal hassle. Gatorback is run by contractors, so we understand the frustration of using poorly designed tool belts. That’s why we built our own line that will not make contractors comfortable but will also give them years of rugged use. And here at Engineering Supply, we’re proud to be one of the leading dealers of Gatorback products. Feel free to look at what we have in stock. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a Gatorback tool belt that’s right for you!


Not all contractors are created equal, and the same should be true for tool belts. That’s why Gatorback has a variety of products that are designed for different applications. We even have a belt that’s specifically designed for concrete professionals, which is the only one on the market. And all of them have been built with the same rugged design that you would expect from a Gatorback tool belt. Feel free to look at everything we have at Engineering Supply, so you can find a tool belt that will meet your specific needs.

The Gatorback Contractor Pro can keep you organized while you’re carrying a large number of tools on the job site — all while giving you the maximum amount of comfort. You want to keep your tools safe, secure, and within reach as you go through your workday, which is why you need to have the right kind of tool belt. Not only do you want a product that will last for years, but you also want one that’s designed to meet your specific needs.

Every single Gatorback tool belt comes with a back pad that's made of sculpted and molded foam, which will give you more support than any other product on the market. And because every single one of our products has been made with a micro-weaved Lycra material, you’ll be getting a durable tool belt that has been built to last. Gatorback makes the most comfortable tool belts on the market, but it’s not the only thing that makes this company stand out. Unlike many other companies that manufacture a single tool belt for everyone, Gatorback has different products that are designed to meet certain needs.
Feel free to look at what we have in our inventory, so you can find a tool belt that’s right for you!

Is Gatorback a good brand?

The Gatorback tool belt has been trusted by many contractors and construction professionals for a number of years, because it offers a good balance between durability and comfort. They offer plenty of space for every kind of tool, and the individualized compartments make it easy to grab what you need while you’re on the job site.

Where should a tool belt sit?

You can wear a tool belt on the side, the front, or the back of your body. If you feel any kind of discomfort, it’s most likely because of the way you’re wearing it (which you should correct). But if you want to use the most comfortable tool belt on the market, you should consider getting a Gatorback.

Can I wash a leather tool belt?

To clean a leather tool belt, you will need the following tools:
  • A soft-bristle brush (such as a toothbrush).
  • A mild soap (such as castile soap).
  • One or two rags.
  • Lanolin and all-purpose oil.
You then want to perform the following steps:
  • Empty the tool belt
  • Shake it off or vacuum it to remove any loose dirt or debris.
  • Dampen the soap and apply it to the brush by rubbing the two together. You want to create a generous amount of lather.
  • Scrub the belt until all the lather is gone.
  • Wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any extra soap as well as any dirt and debris that you have loosened. Repeat this process until the entire belt is clean.
  • Let the belt dry for several hours.
  • Combine the lanolin with the all-purpose oil. If the lanolin is solid, melt it over a pot of boiling water before mixing it with the oil.
  • Apply the mixture to the leather with a damp rag, while working it in with the tips of your fingers.
Once it’s dry, the belt is clean and ready to be used.

Should I wear suspenders with a tool belt?

Wearing suspenders with a tool belt can reduce the amount of hip and bone stress caused by heavy tools, because it distributes their weight more evenly across your body. That’s why the Gatorback tool belt uses suspenders and other ergonomic designs.

Where can I buy a Gatorback tool belt?

If you’re looking for a place where you can buy a tool belt from Gatorback or any other brand, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of tool belts that are built for the professional contractor. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a Gatorback tool belt that will meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is a Gatorback tool belt?

The tool belts made by Gatorback are considered to be one of the best on the market. They’re as versatile as they are durable, and they’re extremely comfortable. That’s why the Gatorback tool belt is sometimes referred to as the "Cadillac of tool belts." They even have products that are tailor-made for specific contractors.

How can I wear a tool belt comfortably?

Having steady weight distribution on your tool belt will make it more comfortable to wear, but there’s one thing you should keep in mind. If you have too much weight, it may be harmful. Here are some things you should think about if you want to wear your tool belt comfortably:
  • Use the suspenders — It would be great if you used a tool belt with suspenders, because it can with even out your weight distribution. You will only feel the heaviness on your shoulders.
  • Use a tool belt with a large space inside — If you use a belt with a large space inside, you can keep your tools more organized. It will also lessen weight of the belt itself.
  • Use a tool belt with several pockets — While having a large pocket can be helpful, having many smaller ones can also be useful. It will keep your workspace organized, and it can give you many different compartments for your tools.
  • Use a tool belt made of a lightweight and flexible material — While you’re looking for a tool belt, you should find one with a material that isn’t too heavy because it will be more mobile. But don’t forget to pick one that can be adjusted by sliding.
Whether you’re looking for a Gatorback Contractor Pro or some other tool belt from this company, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

How do I break in a tool belt?

Here are a few ways that you can soften the leather on your tool belt:
  • Swab the belt with rubbing alcohol — Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball, tissue, or towel. Then, thoroughly swab the belt with the alcohol.
  • Use Vaseline — Put some Vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly on your index finger, and leave it out to dry in the sun.
  • Use natural oils — This is one of the best ways to soften a leather belt, because it’s cheap and easy to find. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, or even almond oil.
  • Use a leather conditioner — You can find a lot of leather conditioners or treatment products on the market, and they can come in handy if you need to soften a leather tool belt (even though they’re a little expensive).
Here are some other things that you should be mindful of while you’re using these products:
  • Be careful as you use rubbing alcohol, because it can dry out your skin.
  • Don’t use too much Vaseline or oil while you’re rubbing the leather, because it can damage the belt.
  • You should control the humidity level before and after the softening process.
  • You shouldn’t leave the tool belt under the sun or heat for a long period of time.
  • You should never use a dryer on your tool belt, because it can cause damage.
Softening a tool belt once a month should be enough if you want to keep it in good condition.

Do I wear a tool belt in the front or the back?

Putting on a tool belt is a lot like putting on a regular belt. Just lock the belt by the buckle, but you should make sure the fitting isn’t too tight or too loose. You should also wear a tool belt by Gatorback or any other brand in a way that will maximize comfort and performance.

Where can I find a Gatorback tool belt?

If you’re looking for a place where you can find a variety of tool belts made by Gatorback, Engineer Supply has everything you need. We have a broad selection of tool belts that are built for the professional contractor, so feel free to look at what we have in stock.

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