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Professionals Guide to Selecting Quality Office Furniture

Your office is the first impression you offer to prospective clients. That is why having a clean organized work space is vital to a successful business. Not only does it boost productivity by streamlining work flow, but resources can easily accessed and utilized without wasting time digging through an unorganized mess. A good, quality work environment can boost morale, improve workflow and improve overall client reception of a professional work space.

EngineerSupply not only offers high quality, warrantied professional office furniture to suite your business needs, we offer experts to assist your company every step of the way. Our knowledgeable staff are trained to assess your specific business needs and assist you in selecting the perfect office furniture to meet your needs. Best of all, we offer all our prompt, professional and friendly service at an unbelievably low price. With our wide selection of commercial grade office furniture it can be hard to know where to start. The answer is simple: keep reading!

The first step to developing any space is to define it. Sit down and list the specific needs of each work area. Ask yourself, Who will be using this space?; What will primary and secondary activities will be performed here? and What storage requirements will those tasks involve? Remember to include future growth plans as well. To get the most out of your purchase you need furniture that will grow with your company. Many of our products can be utilized in different office configurations, as current needs change and new needs arise. The best value is not about the cost of an item but the amount of service you will get from your investment. Here are a couple ways to ensure you are purchasing quality commercial grade office furniture. Make sure the manufacturer stands by their product, look at the warranty! Engineersupply is a leading authorized distributor for Safco Office Products and Mayline. Both of these manufacturers offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Now that's a promise you can trust. Look at the materials used to manufacture. Good quality office furniture starts with good quality materials. Lastly and most importantly the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association has set up quality guides to test if an office product is safe for a professional work environment. These test are rigorous and are specific to different office products such as desks, chairs, filing and more. The ANSI safety ratings guide you to products that have been tested for their ability to withstand the normal wear and tear of a high traffic professional environment. This information can be found on the product page on most office furniture we sell, like this one on one of our most popular office chairs. If there is a specific product you are interested in please call us and we can answer any questions or concerns.

An ergonomically designed office is important to keep employees happy and healthy. Desk configurations and chairs that have the ability to be customized are essential to a comfortable, safe employee. For professionals who spend the primary part of their day using a computer it is very important that they have an office chair with adjustable arms rests and adjustable height/tilt. This will ensure that they can adjust their body to a comfortable seating configuration and avoid strain and unneeded stress on their body. This will boost employee health by reducing body stress allowing the employee more comfort and productivity. Want even more comfort? check out our most popular ergonomic office products specifically design to boost comfort such as foot rests, keyboard and mouse stands, specialty chair inserts and more.

Organization is the key to having a clean efficient working office is to have a place for everything. When everything has a home, it is out of the way but can be easily located and quickly returned. EngineerSupply offers a wide variety of organizing and storing solutions for your many office needs. Here is a brief guide as to the types of products you will need in different work areas.

For lobbies and common areas consider refreshment centers, lockers, coat racks, literature displays and organizers.

For offices, standard equipment is workstations, chairs, bookcases, waste baskets, and equipment stands.

For training areas and conference rooms don't overlook lecterns/podiums, training desks, stacking chairs, tv mount carts, whiteboards and chalkboards.

Storage room needs may be mobile filing carts, storage bins, and media storage, flat file storage, and fire resistant planfile.

Specialty needs include mailroom furniture, multi-media carts, and more.

Blueprint File Storage & Large Document Storage

Engineers and surveyors have special office needs. Probably one of the biggest needs engineering firms face is large document storage. There are multiple ways to store large documents and we can assist you in choosing the best solution to meet your needs. We sell many different solutions for storing and organizing large documents and blueprints whether you need to access them in your office everyday, on the job, or need to keep them stored long-term in a safe and easily accessed location. For in-office storage many professionals choose a hanging file stand with removable clamps. These are a great way store documents that still need to be used fairly often. The stand is easily movable if they need to be accessed in different areas. Another option many of our customer enjoy is the corrugated, rolled documents storage boxes with organizational tags. This keeps rolled documents safe and organized while allowing for stacking. For archival purposes most offices choose flat files, these are a great way to keep documents, organized, protect and easily accessible. For on the job, or on the go storage we offer bags to carry them to and from the field and Permit Boxes to store, protect and display.

Let us keep track of the product numbers so you can focus on more important things. When you select EngineerSupply as your dealer you can rest assured that we will keep track of all your previous orders. This way we can make sure all of your furniture matches and gives a professional, unified appearance to your customers. Do not worry about remembering the name of the chair or the color code, we have it covered!

Why shop here? Because we’re a one stop shop. EngineerSupply sells both office furniture and office supplies. What’s the difference? Office furniture is a long term use product like a desk, filing cabinet, bookcase or office chair. Office supplies is a product that needs to be renewed on a regular basis, some of our most popular examples are engineering paper, copy paper, staples, and field books.

EngineerSupply is a great source in meeting the needs of engineers and surveyors alike. This has been our goal and passion since we started. We are a specialized dealer so we will be able to more fully anticipate your office needs. We always value you, our customer, and will offer you nothing but our prompt, professional, friendly service.

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