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Prismacolor offers professional-quality art products loved by skilled artists and beginners for more than 75 years. Give your creative side the tools it needs to bring your ideas to life. Find the best deals on premium art equipment any time you shop with Engineer Supply.

Create a Scene With Color Sets

Whether you want to stock up your art supply collection with a wide variety of colors or have a specific project in mind, Prismacolor colored pencils color sets allow you to buy several shades at once. These pencils are prized for their softness and can be used for layering, blending, highlighting, and making gradients, allowing you to create a truly amazing piece. Prismacolor sets come with up to 150 pencils, so the color combinations you can create are endless.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

There are several different types of colored pencils by Prismacolor, so it is important you know what type you need. The main factor to consider is the core of the pencil. Soft core pencils, such as Premiers, are ideal for blending and coloring large areas. On the other end of the spectrum, Verithins have a hard core that stays sharp and is best for detail work. Scholars have a core somewhere in between the Premiers and the Verithens and are often recommended for art students. Other more unique options include the Watercolor and the Col-Erase.

Sketch With Graphite Pencils

Prismacolor pencils come with 2-millimeter graphite lead and come in several different grades that correspond to the HB scale. This scale starts at 9H, which features the hardest core and leaves light, thin markings, and ends with 9B, which features a soft core that creates dark shades. Having pencils with different lead hardness levels allows for varied tones and shading. With packs of 12 pencils, you’ll never have to worry about running out.

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