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The Value of Presco Marking Whiskers

Presco Marking Whiskers

When you need to mark a point clearly and reliably, Presco marking whiskers may be your best option. This simple tool is great for marking reference points in construction, property surveying, trail management, property maintenance and more. If you need a highly durable surveying tool, this may be the right choice for you.

What Are Whiskers?

Presco whiskers are bundles of lengths of polymer wire. They are bent in a U shape and clamped at the bent end. They are used to mark points with highly visible but cost-effective markers. The most common length for whiskers is six inches. People choose whiskers because they offer a great combination of low weight, durability, ease of use and visibility. Point marking is an essential part of all surveying. Having a reliable and long-term tool to do this with can be very valuable whether you are in construction, land surveying or even stadium management.

Uses for Survey Whiskers

Despite their simple design, whiskers have many uses. These are some common applications:
  • Grade Marking: Whether in road laying, construction, bridge building or any other situation, marking grades requires the right markers. Whiskers are perfect for this application.
  • Property Boundary Surveying: Whiskers are also ideal for marking the boundaries of properties. They can be left in place for extended periods.
  • Tree Harvesting: These are also a good way to mark trees for harvesting. They are durable against heavy equipment and weather.
  • Landscaping: Even lawnmowers are no match for survey whiskers. That makes them perfect for marking areas in landscaping projects.
  • Underground Utility Work: Marking underground utilities can be valuable when working on them or when digging. Marking whiskers offer a simple, cost-effective and compliant way to mark utility locations.
  • Athletic Facility Management: Whiskers are ideal for marking points when maintaining athletic facilities. In particular, they are used for baseball base plugs.
  • Trail Marking: The lightweight and long-lasting nature of whiskers also make them good for marking trails. They can be helpful for hiking, hunting and other types of trails.

Presco Marking Whiskers

Color Options

Presco offers survey marking whiskers in a selection of seven colors following the American Public Works Association’s color code. These are the available colors and their uses:
  • White: Proposed excavation
  • Pink: Temporary survey markings
  • Red: Electrical power lines, cables, conduits and lighting cables
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, steam, petroleum and gaseous materials
  • Orange: Communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduits
  • Blue: Potable water
  • Green: Sewer and drain lines

Benefits of Using Presco Whiskers

People choose Presco whiskers because they are a lightweight, durable, easy-to-use and highly visible form of marking. You can carry them wherever they need to go, put them in place and know that they will stay there for as long as needed thanks to their strong construction and flexible design. They can be installed with a 60-penny nail or a wooden stake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Marking Whiskers?

Presco Marking Whiskers

You can buy Presco whiskers from Engineer Supply. We have all seven colors available in boxes and bundles. Plus, you can find plenty of other marking supplies in our catalog to suit every need you may have.

What Are My Order Size Options for Survey Whiskers At Engineer Supply?

Presco whiskers are available in bundles of 25 whiskers. We also sell them in boxes of 1,000 whiskers (equivalent to 40 bundles). Each bundle or box can be ordered in one of seven colors.

What Other Presco Marking Products Are Available?

Presco is the leading marking supply brand in America. At Engineer Supply, we carry their whiskers along with marking flags, roll flagging, barricade tapes, safety barrier fencing and aerial survey targets. If you need to mark a reference point, Presco makes a product for you.

Why Use Survey Marking Whiskers Instead of Flags?

Marking flags are probably the most common reference point marker. However, they are significantly less durable than whiskers. They can be knocked flat, damaged or even torn completely out of place. Conversely, whiskers are close to being indestructible once put in place.

How Do You Use Whiskers To Mark a Point?

Presco whiskers can be put in place by putting a 60-penny nail through the metal loop or by hammering the clamp into a wooden stake. Both options are highly effective and will remain in place indefinitely until removed.
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