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What is a tape measure used for in construction?

What is a tape measure used for in construction?

A measuring tape is one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment for construction professionals. No matter what role you play on the job site, you always need to have an engineers tape measure ready so that you can confidently assess the work being done. You may be surprised to learn that there are many ways to use a tape measure in construction, though. Indeed, measuring tapes aren’t just essential — they’re incredibly versatile, too. See how the following three uses can help you get the most out of your laser measuring tape.

What is a tape measure used for in construction?

1. Measuring Distances

Measuring distances is the most obvious use of an engineers tape measure. Whether you’re using a laser unit or an analog device, you know the drill, but there are actually a few innovative ways you can use this feature. This is especially true if you’re using a laser measuring tape. Many laser tape measures can be calibrated to measure distances in several different units, making it easier to record more precise measurements. You can also use a laser tape measure to measure longer distances more easily since you don’t have to physically extend the reel from one point to another.

2. Double Checking Work

Measuring tapes are also a great tool for double-checking work on a construction site. Construction demands that every single component of a job be measured precisely, but mistakes are still often made. If you are in a leadership position on a construction site — for example, a safety supervisor or foreman — you should always keep measuring tapes handy to ensure that you’re ready to check the work of contractors. Catching small errors early in the construction process can give you time to fix them so that they don’t become a major headache down the road.

3. Measuring Around Corners

Thanks to the power of technology, you can now find measuring tapes that can even measure around corners! Indeed, many laser measuring tapes offer the ability to “see” around corners, which means you can capture complex measurements more easily. You may need to invest in additional accessories — like a corner target plate — to achieve this. With this small tool, though, you can get highly precise measurements of an entire room with minimal effort. Many laser measuring tools can even be programmed to capture around-the-corner measurements in a variety of formats, so you can be sure that you’re collecting data that’s compatible with your plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of measuring tape is the most reliable?

The reliability of a measuring tape depends on many factors, including the quality of its manufacturing and the type of tape measure it is. High-quality manufacturers will test their tape measures repeatedly to ensure that measurements are accurate. Generally, though, analog tape measures are not as reliable as laser tape measures.

Why are laser measuring tapes more expensive?

What is a tape measure used for in construction?

The increased reliability of laser tape measures makes them more desirable and thus more expensive. In addition to better performance, though, laser tape measures are also more technologically advanced than their analog counterparts. The parts cost more for manufacturers to make, and this expense is passed along to consumers.

What kind of measuring tape should an engineer use?

There are many types of engineers tape measure models that are suitable for use on a construction site. Most are analog units that are designed to offer a durable exterior and easy-to-read measurements.

Why is the accuracy of a measuring tape important?

Most tape measures are marketed based on their accuracy, and indeed, this feature is important — especially in construction. Accurate measurements ensure that joints in a wall meet properly and building materials are cut accurately, for example. Inaccurate measurements will lead to mistakes, which will cost a construction project time and money.

What different types of measuring tapes are there?

In addition to an engineer tape measure and a laser tape measure, you can look for an open-reel tape measure or a diameter tape measure. There are also many different types of tape to choose from, including synthetic tape, invar tape, and metallic tape.

Find the Right Tape Measure for the Construction Site

Construction sites are often a busy environment, with everybody hustling to get the day’s work done. It’s important that the hustle doesn’t turn into a rush, though, causing mistakes that will slow the project’s progress. Keeping the right tape measure on hand allows you to quickly check work, verify measurements, and prevent mistakes. Engineer Supply is the top supplier of construction site measuring tapes. Call (800) 591-8907 and find the right tape measure today.
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