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Top Safco Products

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Safco is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture as well as personal comfort and organizational products for both offices and educational facilities. They offer a variety of solutions for seating, organization, presentation and training, as well a number of office products that can help you to improve productivity. Safco products can add more energy and inspiration to the workplace, while encouraging an approach that adapts to anyone’s style of work. Safco furniture and their assortment of office products can create a flexible, collaborative, and mobile work environment.

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Top Safco Products for Architects and Engineers

If you’re an architect or engineer, you should look at the following Safco products:

Top Safco Products

  • Safco 5 Drawer Steel Flat File for 36" x 48" Documents 4998 — This product comes in four different colors and features five drawers in a modular stackable cabinet, which can give you a more scalable solution for storing blueprints, maps, and more. Its high-quality steel construction gives it the utmost in durability. It also has extra-strength drawer rails and heavy steel side-roller assemblies with ball-bearing rollers that allow for the smooth and quiet operation of drawers. A positive enclosure keeps the drawers tightly shut, while courtesy bumpers will keep them in place when they’re in the open position. It also has a rear hood and hinged front depressor that are designed to protect the contents of each drawer. You can also stack up to five cabinets without using bolts.

  • Safco Precision 72" Wide Drafting Table — The durable design of this piece of Safco furniture can help you create a more productive workspace. And aside from its traditional style, this drafting table has a heavy-gauge 4-post steel base with bottom stabilizing bars. You can adjust the board up to a 50-degree angle with no tools and a minimal amount of hassle. You can even organize your materials and media with both a locking tool and reference drawers.

  • Safco Planfile Masterfile2 Model 5025AH — This high-density filing system allows you to store and retrieve documents both quickly and easily. The insulated double steel wall construction with a moisture and dust seal will also give you excellent document protection. Each document is attached to a self-adhesive, pre-punched carrier strip (which you can order separately). This allows you to hang them from a set of pins and posts that are located inside. All the pins and posts are located on 6 1/2” centers for maximum support, so you can do multiple-size filing. The carrier strips allow you to hang the documents straight, which will eliminate fingerprint smudges and dog-eared corners. The stored documents will sit at a comfortable height for easier access, so retrieving documents is a simple process that won’t require any stooping or bending.
  • Top Safco Products

  • Safco Precision 60" Wide Drafting Table — This drafting table is a great piece of Safco furniture that can keep your workspace productive. With a traditional style, the heavy-gauge 4-post steel base with bottom stabilizing bars will give you a stable tabletop surface that you can easily adjust to up to a 50-degree angle without any tools. You can even organize your materials and media with both a locking tool and reference drawers.

  • Safco Flip-N-Go 18 x 60 Rectangular Training Table — This is a great solution for training and conference rooms. The dual-sided levers can quickly change from horizontal to vertical, which allows it to be stored through the use of straight-line nesting. It also has an integrated modesty panel with built-in cable management, which can be an excellent feature as well. This piece of Safco furniture is both attractive and practical, while also featuring effortless maneuverability. And with four locking casters, you will not only have easy mobility but will also have the ability to reconfigure and stabilize the table once it is in place. The table has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, which is evenly distributed. And it requires minimal assembly.

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