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Seco Safety Vest

seco safety vest

Staying safe while on the job is a must for workers across a variety of different industries Though the jobs might be different, the standards of safety are similar in many regards. While your specific gear requirements will be outlined by organizations like OSHA, there is usually a good amount of wiggle room when it comes to selecting equipment that meets your own personal specifications. A Seco safety vest, for example, can hit all the marks for your standards along with the rules of your specific place of employment.

There are many different reasons why safety vests are necessary for workers in specific field. As evidenced in the video, quality is key when it comes to your safety gear. Use this information to gain more perspective on the power of a practical vest for safety and see what is right for your needs.

Enhanced Visibility 

Visibility is key when it comes to your safety on the job. A safety vest serves the primary function of giving the wearer an appearance that stands out in a variety of conditions. Whether you find yourself working at dusk, in the rain, or without any significant natural light whatsoever, your vest guarantees that you are seen by others. This reduces the odds of an accident with another worker, someone operating heavy machinery, or someone behind the wheel of a vehicle. Beyond acting as a way of alerting others to your presence, your Seco survey vest is designed with an array of loops, hooks, straps, and pockets. These are included to provide an easy way for you to access the tools and accessories required to complete your job. The multiple linings of the jacket protect against the elements and feature additional storage space between the linings for materials like maps and books you don’t want to get wet. The vest is ideal for an array of jobs involving surveying and construction.

seco safety vest

Requirements for Safety

The Seco safety vest is considered a Class 2 Safety Vest. What this means is that the vest itself has been designed specifically for those who work in high-risk environments. For example, working near a highway requires a vest of this classification, as cars are moving at fast speeds and need to see the fluorescent colors of the jacket to be alerted to the presence of workers. Vests by Seco meet the specifications of Level 2 vests, providing the appropriate breakdown of both background material and reflective striping.

The vests by Seco also meet the specifications of the American National Standards Institute, meaning the product has been rigorously tested for quality. However, it is always best to make sure your job meets the standards of the vest as well. Though perfect for jobs that fit the Class 2 designation, you will need to explore other equipment options in the event that the demands of your industry are greater or less intense than what the vest provides.

What Seco Provides

Over the years, Seco has become a name associated with quality accessories and safety equipment. The safety vests released by this brand are some of the most durable available, made from materials that are resistant to the tricks of time and the impact of the elements. Workers who require an immediate level of visibility while on the job in risky environments will benefit most from taking advantage of what Seco provides. The vests are available in both orange and yellow, allowing you flexibility when it comes to which option is best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Buy Seco Safety Vests?

seco safety vest

Purchasing Seco safety vests for work is a very simple process. Take a moment to look at the options available to you at Engineer Supply and see which is the best fit. Place your order and enhance your feelings of safety on the job in no time.

Why Do People Wear Safety Vests?

Typically, safety vests are worn to increase a person’s visibility while in low-light or hazy conditions. Though common for workers in some industries, people will often wear similar vests or equipment while running, riding a bike, or even walking in similar conditions of limited visibility.

What Industries Require Safety Vests

Safety vests are required in a number of industries. The Class 2 vest by Seco is usually one worn by those who work construction jobs near major roads or highways. It is also common for land surveyors to wear vests for the same purpose.

Why Are Safety Vests Yellow and Orange?

According to the American National Standards Institute, yellow and orange are the most visible in dim conditions. Though other shades can come close, these specific colors have been chosen for safety gear because they have been proven the most effective.

Do the Class Levels of Safety Vests Matter?

Yes, the classification or level of the safety gear you purchase matters. As mentioned, this vest is great for those working Level 2 jobs. If the risks of your industry are more intense or less severe, a different option might be your best bet.

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