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Leica Disto Guide: Our Best Sellers

Leica Disto Bestsellers Accuracy in measurements is crucial for alignment, leveling, squaring or making things plumb Whether indoor or outdoor, there is a laser measurement tool that can provide precision from Leica. Here are the top models carried by Engineer Supply.

Leica DISTO S910 and TRI 200 Pro Pack - 6010741


For extreme accuracy with most-used measuring tasks, turn to the S910. Using innovative hardware, such as a biaxial pivot with an integrated circuit board, this device captures precise measurements from one location through three dimensions. Improve your measurements with a 360° tilt sensor and powerful laser. This pack includes the tripod, soft pack carrying case and FTA 360-S fine tune adapter.

Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter - 799097


This model brings the first laser distance meter operated by a touch screen. Using a highly intuitive operating process and integrated camera, users access advanced measurement data straight from pictures. Download images through a USB and use the Leica app Sketch to enhance functionality. The tool has a Pointfinder with a 4x zoom, a 360° tilt sensor and can measure 660 feet. The equipment has an IP54 ingress protection rating.

Leica DISTO Laser Distance Meter - 855138


When working in tough conditions, choose the X4 out of the Leica geosystems. This tool has a superior rugged design and is encased in rubber housing. It holds an IP65 protection rating. This tool provides height tracking, Pythagoras function, painter function, area and volume and smart horizontal mode. Smartphone and tablet connections through Bluetooth Smart software can work on drawings or sketches while measurements are in progress.

Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter Package – 806648


This total package for maximum efficiency includes the D810 touch, the FTA360 adapter and classic TRI70 tripod in a durable carrying case. The touch screen offers intuitive operation with speed and precision, and the tripod adapter allows a user to make fine adjustments. The convenience of measuring within a picture, downloading images through a USB and manipulating data through Sketch sets Leica DISTO products apart from the competition.

Leica DISTO S910 Touch Laser Distance Meter – 808183


With this laser distance meter, users can use one location to quickly but accurately measure the distance between two points. The software will easily integrate with CAD or BIM software to allow manipulation of the data into 3D visualizations. The 300-meter range improves performance options and the Pointfinder with a 4x zoom allows for simple targeting. This tool has revolutionary point-to-point technology, which is the first of its kind in the measurement market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can Leica DISTO Products Be Purchased?

Leica Disto Bestsellers

For stress-free ordering, shop with Engineer Supply. Whether you want a Leica DISTO D2 or you need another laser distance meter, we carry a wide range of the industry’s leading measurement supplies and equipment. With convenient payment options and fast shipping, get the right tools for the job right on time.

What Is an Ingress Protection Rating?

The IP classifies and rates electrical enclosures and mechanical casings for the degree of protection against accident contact, dust, water, and intrusion. The first digit shows solid particle protection and the second addresses protection against liquid ingress. Our laser distance meters all maintain top ratings in each category for maximum protection and longevity.

What Kind of Warranty Comes With a Laser Purchase?

Each product will have warranty information listed on its product page, but Leica has a three-year manufacturer's warranty for each of these tools. You will find out the specifics in the user guide, such as what is included in the warranty and how to keep the warranty from being voided.

Do I Need the Tripod for the Laser?

When you are measuring long distances, a tripod makes it much easier to get an accurate and level reading. The convenience of the digital Pointfinder tool allows a user to simply set the target and move the digital crosshairs over the desired object for an accurate measurement. A tripod provides more stability during this process.The longevity of your tape measure depends on how frequently you use it and what conditions it’s subjected to. Many come with warranties, though, that ensure your purchase is covered.

What Powers the Laser Distance Meter?

Some models rely on a rechargeable Li-ion battery while smaller levels can be run on standard AA batteries. On standard batteries, users can get approximately 5,000 measurement sets for the lifespan of the batteries. The re-chargeable option provides unlimited usage as the battery power can be restored.
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